Family mediation

Sorting out family disputes without going through court

Family mediation helps if your relationship has broken down and you need to agree on arrangements for your children, home and finances. You can do this without going through the stress of court by contacting a family mediator – you don’t have to see a solicitor first.

You will usually need to prove that you’ve considered mediation before you go to court.

The majority of people who start mediation reach an agreement to sort out practical issues such as:

Christine Parker


Following Christine’s work with families in the area of family law from 1991, she trained as a family mediator in 2008 and was accredited in 2010 to mediate children and financial issues. Christine brings a wealth of legal experience, knowledge and her straight forward approach helps people to achieve swift cost effective resolution in mediation.

Christine guides clients through the mediation process with clarity and commitment. She is welcoming and engaging, dedicated to reaching mutually beneficial outcomes.

Christine is experienced in dealing with complex cases in children matters and is qualified to talk to children as part of the mediation process. In financial cases Christine is meticulous and detailed and will leave no stone unturned to engage clients in mediation and ensure they reach a conclusion which is understandable and workable. She has mediated a number of high net worth cases to agreement.

Christine is qualified as professional practise consultant and supervises experienced and trainee mediators. She has worked with the Citizens Advice for a number of years and can sign post clients with up to date and comprehensive knowledge of welfare rights and other resources they can access. Christine is the heart and soul of her family, caring and great fun.